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What is Moissanite Diamond?

Oct 10,2023 | bornrealjewelry

According to Forgotten Diamond By Charles Ranald, John Sorrell 2006, “Moissanite diamonds made of silicon carbide are becoming widespread. The material is so good apparently that the standard thermal conduction testers as currently used by ordinary jewellers cannot tell the difference. What is more the Moissanite stone has a greater density than a diamond and will weigh more than a similarly sized diamond.”

How Is Moissanite Graded?

Like diamonds, moissanites are graded on a scale known as “The Four Cs”(cut, clarity, color, and carat weight).💯💯💯

Diamonds are made of carbon atoms that form a crystal lattice. The four C’s refer to the most important characteristics of diamonds:

  • Cut (the quality, proportionality, and symmetry of its various features)
  • Clarity (the absence or presence of diamond stones with more than microscopic flaws)
  • Color and carat weight.

    How To Test If A Stone Is Moissanite ❓❗

    If you want to test if a stone is a moissanite, first examine its clarity and color it for any distinctive qualities. If these two aspects are in order, then take a closer look at its refractive index (RI) – this will be different from a diamond’s RI and will reveal that it cannot be treated as just a diamond.

    Moissanites have an RI of about 12% greater than diamonds and are more expensive for the same carat weight, but they aren’t as rare or valuable in terms of price per carat.

    This is one of the factors that makes moissanite pass a diamond tester.



    What Is An Effective Diamond Tester?

    Diamond testers are used to detect whether diamonds or other gemstones contain inclusions. For a diamond tester to be effective, it must meet the following requirements:

    • It should have an accuracy percentage of at least 99% and greater than 93%. The tester should also not introduce any false positives, and it shouldn’t lead to false negatives.
    • It should not be too sensitive to the light and environment, otherwise, it may produce false positives.
    • It cannot rely on a single detection method that is dependent on only one parameter.
    • The parameters of the diamond tester must have been validated either via testing or research by an accredited organization

      The Advantages of Buying a Moissanite Jewelry

      Moissanite is a cheaper, durable, and more affordable option than diamonds. They’re also less likely to be detected by diamond testers, while providing the same polished look. So if you want something that looks like a diamond but doesn’t cost as much or needs maintenance, then moissanite jewelry might just fit your needs!

      And are Moissanites Worth the Price Tag? Yes. They are worth the price tag because of their durability, affordability, and polished look that resembles a diamond.

  • Bornreal Jewelry’s main top-selling product is Moissanite Diamond Jewelry. All Moissanite Diamond used by Bornreal is at VVS Clarity.


  • Bornreal’s Moissanite Diamond is in Grade D that ensures the color would not change or wear out as many lower grades tend to turn into yellow color.


  • Bornreal’s Moissanite Diamond also pass the diamond tester – an industry standard to determine the quality of the diamond.


  • Moissanite Diamond is a hot trending Diamond that is lab created. It is one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones. It was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, who later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


  • Moissanite Diamond has similar durability, brilliance, and color while costing much less than natural diamonds.